Testimonials from Patients of Burdette Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Fairmont, WV

They are great!! Always quick to get me in when I am in pain! Thanks for getting me adjusted and out of pain!
-Cindy Hunt Simpson

My son had colic and I was told that a chiropractor could help him. He was screaming nonstop every night between 8pm-1am. I took him in twice between 4-5 weeks old. He’s 7 weeks old now and sleeps from 8pm-8am! No problems! (I was really nervous about having a baby adjusted, but Dr. Burdette was super gentle with him. It looked like he was giving him a little baby massage!)
-Ashley Kate Anderson

They are amazing!! So nice and quick to get you in when you need an adjustment!!!
Emily Pettry

Dr. Burdette is AWESOME!!! Caring, skilled, personable doctor!! Always willing to get me in in a “pinch”!! And Mindy is sweet as a peach!
Beth Ann Elson Esposito

Our whole family goes to Burdette Family Chiropractic, including our 3 month old. They’re always quick to get you in; the service is great; and they have completely turned around our colicky baby. We recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic services and are so happy we go there!
Megan Michael

I always look forward to my monthly appointments! Keeps my back and neck feeling great!
Bobby Dunn

Dr. Bob is great. I truly believe he kept me from going down with MS.
Trudy Richardson

Mindi and Dr. Burdette are the best!! I can always tell when I’m ready for my next appointment and I always feel better!!
Elah Harlow Smith

Highly Recommended! I threw out my back lifting something heavy and seeing Lee has allowed me to continue working when I would not of been able to!
-Mitch Wood