Experienced Chiropractor in Fairmont, WV Dedicated to Your Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Lawrence W. Burdette III D.C.

Dr. Lawrence W. Burdette III DC is a national board certified chiropractor who owns and operates Burdette Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center located in Fairmont, WV. Dr. Burdette has been a WV chiropractic provider since 2004. He graduated in 2003 with Magna Cum Laude honors from the respected Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. The Cleveland Chiropractic College incites their students to become envisioned and be the difference. Dr. Burdette is being the difference by using his expertise to enhance people’s lives in Marion County, WV and surrounding areas. Burdette Family Chiropractic and Wellness center provides proficient chiropractic and wellness services designed specifically to help you and your family be and maintain maximum health.

Dr. Burdette is Educated and Ready to Help you Live your Best Life Free from Pain

Dr. Burdette is educated, knowledgeable, and provides each and every patient the time needed to successfully treat their condition. Dr. Burdette is proud of his WV roots. He attended West Virginia State University and Concord University and set up his practice in Fairmont, WV shortly after receiving his chiropractic degree. A commitment and dedication to help people have improved quality of life has always been a goal of Dr. Burdette.

Free Consultation Available for Clients Needing Chiropractic Care in Fairmont, WV and Surrounding Areas

For over 12 years Burdette Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center has helped people in our community be free from pain and maintain maximum health and wellness. Dr. Burdette uses a thorough approach and is skilled with a broad spectrum of chiropractic techniques and therapies to help those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. If you are looking for a chiropractic provider who is knowledgeable and experienced, give us a call at (304) 363-4006 to schedule your free consult with Dr. Burdette.